Ask the Editors: VersaSpa


Your Question: I was curious if anyone has tried the Versa Spa sunless tannning. It is similar to mystic but is suppose to look more natural. If so, did they like it and where did they go?


Our Answer: Okay, so let’s talk VersaSpa. I have to be honest here: I’ve done it a handful of times (all at Planet Tan) and have been similarly dissatisfied every time. I’ve done the sunless tanner thing at home, so I know how to use “barrier cream” to block tanner from caking under fingernails and around elbows, but the formula from VersaSpa gets—and stains—between my fingers and around my cuticles every time, no matter how much stuff I slather on for protection. I liked the color the VersaSpa provides, olive-toned, not orange, but not the uneven and splotchy tan I received. (And note, I went in exfoliated and completely clean, so I did my best to be the perfect canvas.) I had a pretty dark, although uneven, tan for about two days before it quickly faded, leaving lingering brown marks behind. I don’t suggest Versa Spa. It’s completely possible that I’ve had a few, unusual, bad experiences, but I think it’s much better (unfortunately more expensive, though) to be airbrushed by a human, rather than a machine. For those who love the spray tan, perhaps try VersaSpa and see what you think. It does have its benefits. For starters, you can breathe in the machine, unlike in the Mystic Tan booth. You have extra options, like adding a moisturizer or anti-aging boost—you pay extra, of course. And there’s a drying segment, where blow-dryers make a pass up and down the machine to dry your body off from the wet tanning solution. I say, try it for yourself and see how it works for you, but if you don’t have time to deal with Cheeto fingers for a few days, skip the VersaSpa and try something else. I suggest Xen-Tan that we’ve blogged about before or a personal airbrush experience, like the one Jennifer mentioned. If anyone has an opinion on the subject, please join in the conversation and let us know what you think!


*UPDATE: Our Nightlife gal, Kyle Kearbey, says she prefers Mystic Tan to VersaSpa, and she usually has a lovely tan.


(Mystic Tan on left, VersaSpa on right.)


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