Angie Harmon: Political Strategist

Some people like to talk politics at the Old Monk. Others like to duke it out in front of the television after The O’Reilly Factor. (That can’t be just me and my dad, right?) But let’s be honest: the best place to talk about what’s happening in the world today is at a Los Angeles launch of a new eyelash-growing formula, Latisse. It’s practically a political summit. Or at least it’s the perfect place for former Dallas resident/former Law and Order woman (I like the latter better) Angie Harmon to talk about her disapproval of Obama, respect for Palin, and so forth. Listen, people I don’t care what Ms. Harmon’s politics are—and to be fair, Debra Messing and Mandy Moore gave their hot sports opinions at this party, too (they’re just lucky they’re not from here)–I just think it’s a hilarious setting for anything other than, “Oh crap. I’ve got glue in my eye.” or “Do I look too Cabaret?”


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