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The Mavericks & You: Potential Life Savers.

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So, I’m not what you would call a sports fan. In fact, as a boy I recently dated can attest, I pretty much say, “I don’t like that show,” every single time I’m subjected to any sort of sport whether on television or in real life. That being said, I’m pretty much a Jason Kidd fan for life after reading this. (Thanks to my male Shoptalking friend who asked if I minded posting something “sappy.” Apparently, my reputation proceeds me.) Anyway, here’s the story: Jasmina is a little kid who is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Jason is getting swabbed to find out if he’s a match. Locally, Karen Mellow Stock is also in need of a donor. You can go to NorthPark on Sunday morning (near Dillards) to get tested. It’s just a swab of the cheek, people. Easy stuff! Need more information: go here or call 866-340-3567.

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