• Bill Marvel

    I inadvertently caught a little bit of the show last night. I felt something was lacking to complete the spectacle. What could it be?
    Well, of course! Since the show depends on the relish with which its audience devours the emotional humiliation and heartbreak of the Barbies and Kens who participate, why not go all the way? The rejected — of either sex — would be dressed in clown outfits, painted with sad faces, dragged through a howling mob, made to mud-wrestle in a vat of chocolate. I think the show should stop short of, say, having the losers actually be disowned by their families. Even cruelty has its limits.

  • Ed

    I don’t watch it. I’ve never watched it. But people, it’s a TV SHOW. It’s NOT REAL. It’s TV.

  • Bill Marvel

    I kind of hoped that it wasn’t real, Ed. But I’m afraid it is. Mostly. Or as real as, say, gladitorial combat or throwing Christians to the lions in old Rome.
    People Do love to watch other folks’ misery, don’t they?

  • nmlhats

    If people are crazy enough, or publicity-hungry enough, to flaunt their intimate love lives all over the place on TV, they ought to realize that they are in it for the good, the bad and the ugly. While I might feel bad for Lil’ Melissa being led on and then dumped (like many women), I do NOT feel sorry for her inasmuch as it was done on national television and thus further humiliating to her. She asked for that part by signing on for the show in the first place.

  • And while we’re talking about dating and marriage, Bill Marvel, email me with my “name” as above at Hotmail. I might have a True Romance for you.

  • News Junkie

    I admit to being mesmerized by the spectacle of volunteers who pursue strangers in front of millions of people. The delusion that real intimacy could occur in such circumstance is amazing.