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Running in Heels – Episode 4: Bitching Is Fun


I’m trying to figure out how I managed to take FOUR pages of notes on a 30 minute show but somehow I did. I won’t bore you by repeating them but I did want to comment on Ashley and Talia getting so mad about Sam leaving to go visit her boyfriend in D.C. right when the big beauty sale was starting. A couple times a year the beauty department sells all the products from the previous season to employees at deeply discounted prices. They donate the proceeds to Careers and Cancer which helps cancer survivors get back into the workplace (which I think is very cool of them by the way). So Sam had already booked her $30 bus trip to go see b.f. Kenny when they found out they had to work the beauty sale (which apparently is a insane, chaotic free-for-all requiring as much help as possible). Ashley and Talia are incredibly annoyed that Sam won’t postpone her trip to help them. I do understand this – I mean, it’s a bus ticket. She can live without $30 to help her comrades and to look good in the eyes of the powers that be at Marie Claire. Just when I thought she was the responsible, mature one she goes and does this! In the meantime Zanna finds out their cover shoot with Mandy Moore is the next day so she is crazed getting outfits together, and Nina and Paula head off to Brazil Fashion Week. But the most entertainment comes from repeating the oh-so-intelligent words of the interns:

Ashley to Zoe: “I’m stressed because Sam is leaving Talia and I to work the beauty sale alone but I’m not a tattletale or anything, or like, whining about it.” Oh, you’re not? Oookay, then.

Ashley to Talia (while discussing how people at the office think Sam is nice but nice that it won’t get her far): “I’d rather be a bitch and be known as a hard worker and smart.” Um, that’s not a sentence a smart person would say.

Ashley to Talia about Sam: “I hope she has a good week end with her loser boyfriend.” Now, Ashley. That’s not nice.

Ashley to Sam: “I could kill you for leaving this week end.” But really, she’s not whining or anything…

Talia to camera about Sam: “We’re (she and Ashley) really serious about being here and some people aren’t.”

Talia after the beauty sale: “It was physical labor. I was miserable.” Sister, if you can’t handle that you better get out of the fashion business right now. You have an amazing internship, one that others would kill for, so suck it up and stop bitching!

Talia to Ashley about Sam: “Obviously she doesn’t want a job here. She wouldn’t be doing things like that (leaving at a busy time to see her boyfriend) if she did. She totally doesn’t get it.” Oh, but you do? Miss I Don’t Want to Stay Late or Do Work at Home…

And with that another riveting episode comes to an end. I do find the show interesting but is that just because I work in the same industry? Is anyone else still watching it? Is anyone even reading this? Hello, out there?