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Running in Heels – Episode 3: Ashley’s About To Blow


Poor, poor Ashley. I do feel bad for her. Do they really not like her or something? While Samantha goes to a photo shoot, and Talia gets to take notes at an interview with Robert Cavalli, poor Ashley is stuck helping Market Editor, Paula, with her wedding plans. And to make matters worse, Ashley gets lost and is “obscenely late” meeting Paula to hand over the wedding bands. Paula didn’t even want to hear the reason.”Just give me my rings,” she says. I mean, come on. At least hear the reason, Paula. Maybe she got mugged or something. On the other hand, while I watched Ashley unsuccessfully navigate the streets of Manhattan, I couldn’t help but think, “Why doesn’t she have a map?” Call me anal but if I was living and working in a new city, especially one as densly populated as NYC, I’d have a map with me at all times. Or I’d at least have grabbed one before heading out to run errands for work. Ashley says a few times that she’s not going to complain and just do it because it is good for her career but isn’t saying that complaining? Oh, and then when Samantha gets invited to the photo shoot right in front of Ashley, she shakes her head and wonders aloud what Samantha is doing right that she isn’t, and whose butt she has to kiss to get better assignments. Of course, Samantha is offended by this and defends herself by saying that she hasn’t been kissing anyone’s butt, she’s just been working hard. Suddenly though, things are looking up when Zoe offeres Ashley a ticket to the Cynthia Rowley show that afternoon but her hopes are quickly dashed when just as she is entering the event, Paula calls with the last minute errand (that ends up taking two hours) to pick up her wedding bands stat. Sayonara, Cynthia.

Nothing too dramatic happened with Samantha and Talia but they did both get great assignments. Talia was a little bummed she didn’t get to meet or shake Roberto Cavalli’s hand but she was there taking notes at the intervew so that was good enough. She also had to take pictures of his store and merchandise that Joanna Coles was very pleased with in the end. Meanwhile, Samantha heads over to Milk Studios (coincidentally where we had our cover shoot with LeAnn Rimes for D Magazine’s August 2007 cover) to assist Senior Fashion Editor, Zanna. [Side note: It was interesting to see that their shoot wasn’t all that different from our shoots – setting up tons of clothes, sifting through them to find the best looks, dressing the models and packing everything back up at the end (the non-glamorous side of styling). I always wondered how their shoots might differ from ours and now I know – they really aren’t different at all. Whether in Dallas or New York, styling for a photo shoot is a ton of work but a ton of fun too.]

But back to the show. Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse for Ashley, intern manager, Zoe tells her she needs to apologize to Paula. For her sake, I hope things improve for Ashley because if they continue like this she may take her heels and drill them into someone’s neck – although that would make for some good drama…