Running In Heels (and Bitching About It)

Yesterday’s episode of Running in Heels was pretty uneventful except for Talita’s bitching, Ashley’s procrastination, and Samantha’s tears. However, the cattiness in the intern lair is getting good. First, Ashley and Talita make fun of Samantha for staying late at the office and working at home. Talita tells Samantha that she doesn’t live in the real world, and Ashley adds that Samantha doesn’t know what a real internship is like because all her assignments have been red carpet and backstage events. Hmm, is someone jealous, perhaps? But now that Fashion Week is over all three of them are getting a taste of what real work is and apparently Talita doesn’t like it. Bitching. Whining. Bitching again. Poor baby. Working is hard. Waaaaah.

While the powers that be are in Milan and Paris, the interns are supposed to be working on their own page for the magazine. The best one might make it into a future issue. They are to pick a trend and show examples of that trend on real people. This time Ashley and Samantha gang up on Talita because she is smart enough to get the interns in the art department to help lay her page out and although they don’t admit it, they’re bummed they didn’t think of it first. Ashley, who procrastinates on her assignment until the day before it is due, goes tattling to supervisor, Zoe who says that what Talita did isn’t against the rules. Sorry, Ashley. Maybe you should stop spending time worrying about everyone else’s work and get started on your own.

Samantha thinks she is brilliant for deciding to use herself and some other random employee who we’ve never seen before as her “real” people. She also thinks she is brilliant for asking to use clothes from the Marie Claire fashion closet to illustrate her trend. Unfortunately, Samantha realizes just how real she is when she can’t fit into a probably-size-zero jumpsuit. She cries on the spot and says how embarassing it is to be standing next to someone that it does fit (aforementioned random employee). Well, if you’re planning on working in the fashion world honey, get used to it. And really, she’s not even a bit fat, she’s just a normal human size. But, that hurts and let’s hope it doesn’t lead to an eating disorde (seriously). In the end, all three of their pages get ripped to shreds (figuratively) by Joanna Coles. So we won’t be seeing any of their work in print after all. Oh well, life’s a bitch.

If I have to make a choice (which clearly I do), Samantha gets my vote right now. She seems to be the hardest worker, she does the least amount of complaining, and she actually seems grateful for the opportunities this internship is providing. I’m not sure Talita and Ashley know what grateful means…


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