Pass or Fail: The Tassi

The Tassi is kinda like a headband, kinda like a shower cap, and kinda, like, awesome, if you ask me. But hey, you’re the judge. It’s meant to “keep your hair outta there.” Where? Outta your way so you can get all of your girlie things accomplished—face washing, makeup application, skin care, etc. Best part is, you can “do what you do without messing up your doo!” That’s right. Pull off the Tassi, with its loose elastic and soft fabric, and your hair is no worse for the wear. The same cannot be said of some headbands and clips that leave creases or flatten your coif. It comes in a rainbow of fun colors and can be purchased here for only $14.99. So what’s the word? Pass or fail?

Update: Here’s a local link.

Last Week’s Results: HerCut = Fail. What we learned: Your hair is what it is, no matter how you slice it. Treat it appropriately.


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