Pass or Fail: The AirDesk

As you know, we are constantly coming across, er, unique products at ShopTalk. So I’ve decided to start a segment called Pass or Fail. Here’s the idea: we have a dynamic discussion on the merits and demerits of said “unique” products, ultimately coming to a pass or fail conclusion. Fun, yes? First on the list is a product I found this morning called the AirDesk. Per this story from FitSugar, all that sitting at your desk is contributing to the rise in national obesity. Really? It’s not the fast food, junk food, or otherwise sedentary lifestyle? Good thing for us desk job folk, companies are designing desks attached to treadmills. Now, for a mere $189, you can work while your work out. Yay American ideals! So, what are your thoughts? Pass or Fail?


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