Pass or Fail: HerCut

I’ve always bought my hair products based on my hair type—normal to oily looking for shiny and straight, no volumizer, no extra moisturizer. Thus far, I’ve got no complaints. But now, beauty executive Bob Salem (of Blue Space Brands) is shaking up my hair care foundation by offering HerCut—products formulated to work with your haircut rather than your hair type. That is, if you’ve got The Bob, The Blunt, The Shag, The Long Layers, or The Pixie. You can get shampoo and conditioner ($19) for your cut, but the catalyst ($22) is the kicker. Each cut has a catalyst product that is meant to “optimize the haircut’s behavior,” whether that’s adding texture and dimension for The Shag or controlling layers with a cationic complex for Long Layers. Products launch this June. So, whatdyathink? Pass or fail?

Last Week’s Results: DoubleUps for Beds = Fail. What we learned: Good idea. Questionable execution.


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