Pass or Fail: DoubleUps for Beds

Tired of fighting with your bed buddy over the sheets? Rest assured a solution may lie before you. (Get it? Rest assured. Rest. You’re tired. Need rest. Yes!) Straight to you from the press release, “the split-flat sheets and comforters offer independent movement and freedom, while the sheets are still connected by a foot-of-the-bed sew box.” You see, there’s a box of fabric that connects the two sheets at the foot, while allowing you, at the top, to move freely of your partner. Check out the diagram (left) and go here for more information. But be sure to come back and tell me what you think. Does it pass or fail?

Last Week’s Results: AirDesk = Fail. What we learned: Go to the gym when you want to work out. Go to the office when you want to work.


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