Must-Have Monday: Sweet Escape

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have that lodge up in Beaver Creek for winter retreats, a penthouse on the Upper East Side for shopping excursions, or a lake house in Marble Falls? Ok, so all of the above would do, but that really isn’t in the cards right now for a good majority of us. LAFCO’s Dream House candles are the perfect escape. Each scent whisks you away to any type of second home you are longing for for only $52, and saves you the bother of loading up the car and driving hours or maneuvering around airports. The line includes: Penthouse (champagne), Ski House (feu de bois), Town House (seville spice), Country House (english ivy), Lake House (water hyacinth), and Beach House (sand and dune). New for Spring are
Pool House (french lilac) and Tree house (majestic oak).

LAFCO New York. 66 Highland Park Vlg. 214-522-8880.


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