I Knew There Would Be a March Promotion at Polished!

I just didn’t guess it was going to have a spring break theme. Ah, spring break. I remember that booze cruise in Mazatlan my sophomore year at college. Anyway, I digress. Here’s the March deal at Polished: a Sparkling Duo mani/pedi costs just $27 Monday through Wednesday; it’s $31 Thursday, Friday, and Sunday; and on Saturday it’s $33. Or bring in a new customer Monday through Wednesday and you both get a Sparking Duo for $25 each.


  • Kate

    What has been your experience with Polished? My experiences have been good so far. However, I have referred people to Polished who had negative experiences and will not return.

  • UnPolished

    I went to Polished to take advantage of a promotion and they tried several times to charge me full price and deny the promotion. That was frustrating along with the fact that they cut my toenails so short I was in pain for several days. Not worth your money…