Friday Giveaway Winner Review: Sensai Silky Lip Gloss

Our first lip gloss giveaway review is in. Here’s the scoop on Sensai’s gloss from giveaway winner Carissa Brown.

I received the Sensai Shimmer LipGloss, and of course the first thing I did was to apply a nice glossy coat to my dry & chapped lips.  Instantly my smile seemed as if I’d applied lipstick since the shimmer and shine accented the intensely dark color of chapped lips and the moisture brought some much needed comfort.  How do I say its thick and long lasting without sounding cliché-ish?

The brush applicator is both effective and fun, different than other gloss applicators I’ve seen.  The shimmer color itself reminds me of roller skating under the disco ball in the eighties, which makes it uber modern since lots of things 80’s are coming back in vogue.  I think it’s a fine value, just a few more dollars than my normal Este Lauder gloss, but much more versatile.  It can be glamour, casual, and functional – fantastic.

Thanks, Carissa!


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