DWTS: Melissa Rocks It

Honest minute: I had every intention of doing a play by play of Dancing with the Stars. Here’s what happened: I went to happy hour. That’s really all I have to say, yes? But there’s more.

When I got home, my mom called–and you know how that goes. Then, I was trying to Facebook friend the sister of my boy-who’s-a-friend (even though I have never actually met her. Or spoken to her.) because he friended my sister, and we’re engaged in a heated battle to see who can have 250 friends first. Then I became concerned that I hadn’t checked my bank balance in a few days, and I knew it was likely bad. So I debated whether I should check it out. (Opted not to.) The point is, I missed everything BUT Melissa’s dance. I thought she did well, but I have no formal dance training, so you tell me. I’ve also never seen the show, so maybe everyone can dance well? Also has anyone bought this week’s People? The unholy trio (Molly, Jason, and Melissa) are on the cover.

Apologies. I’ll try to do better. And I’m going to watch Tough Love on Sunday if any of you guhls (and boys, too) want to join in that discussion Monday. It looks gross and terrible. Yay.


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