Beauty on a Budget: Tips From Vi.sion Studio

Recently I ran out of everything–tinted moisturizer, loose powder, all of my facial cleansers and serums, and hair products. As you can imagine, I’m scared for my life. If I had to buy all of that in one trip, I’d drop hundreds of dollars, so I’m squeezing every last drop out of every container. Like you, I’m looking for ways to be frugal, so when I got these tips from Vi.sion Studio, a local company full of hair and makeup experts (they do special events such as weddings, as well as teach classes and offer their own makeup line), I had to share.

  1. Decide where you want your money to be spent in cosmetics and stick by it. Don’t get persuaded at counters to mix products once you get them home. You’ll never do it.
  2. Spend your money on things that make your skin look and feel flawless. Without a good canvas, all of the bells and whistles won’t work. Nothing says beauty more than well-maintained skin.
  3. Probably the most important tip to achieving beauty on a budget is to make sure your purchased pieces create duality for you at home. Plain and simple, the more a product can do for you, the less things you’ll purchase. For example, a concealer is a dynamite product. It’s a face-lift in a jar, a primer on the eyes for shadow, and a highlighter on the skin. Also, cream shadow palettes come with 5-7 different colors of cream-based shadows. Using the colors on eyes, lips, and cheeks is like having a mini makeup kit in your purse. Finally, your favorite lipstick or lip tint is perfect for blotting on the cheeks for a healthy glow to the skin with a flushed or pinched effect.


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