An Innovations MedSpa Special for ShopTalk Readers

See? There is a really good reason to read ShopTalk, besides being wildly entertained every day. You get access to specials that no one else has! Check out this deal from Innovations MedSpa, whose medical director, Dr. Bill Johnson, is a 2009 D Beauty Award winner. (The issues hits newsstands on Thursday.) For $1,800 (regular price: $3,600), you can get four Fraxel Re:Store face + eyes sessions or one session of Fraxel Re:Store eyes only for $250. Dr. Johnson is one of the first physicians in the country with this new Fraxel technology, and, with either package, they’ll give you a month’s supply of Latisse free (a $130 value). If you recall, we blogged about lash-lengthening Latisse a while back. Anyway, this offer is good for the first 50 people who say they saw this on ShopTalk.


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