Uh, This Scares Me

“Pump a plump pout” is the tagline for a new lip plumper called Luscious Lips by Cynthia Rowland. There are no injections or surgery involved because well, you just put the contraption (in the photo at left) over your mouth and pump away. Doing this should improve bloodflow to your lips and make them “plump up.” I can’t even paraphrase the instructions so here they are verbatim: “Simply tilt your head back and place the Luscious Lips device over your mouth. Hold the device firmly, and suck out all of the air to create the vacuum. Then, gently pull the outer cylinder slowly, and you will begin to feel your lips pull into the cylinder. Hold for a few seconds and then release and repeat until you reach the desired plump. It is important for beginners to start with the 2 week conditioning process. This process allows your lips and mouth to gradually build up the tissues in the mouth. During the initial two weeks of use, Luscious Lips suggests holding the position for 2 seconds and repeat 5 times. After the conditioning period, users can increase the length of the “pull”. Ok, seriously? I haven’t tried it so I’m not going to say it doesn’t work but doesn’t it just seem a little too “out there?” However, at $49.95 it is cheaper than injections. Also, how long does the plump from the pump last? I can’t imagine it would be very long. They say lips will be firmer, smoother and up to 50% fuller. If they want to send me one I’ll be happy to try it and report back but uh, really? Maybe they should get together with these guys and sell them together!


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