ShopTalk Crush of the Week: Paul Rudd and Jason Segel

Yes, folks, we’re making history here at ShopTalk Crush of the Week headquarters. For the first time ever, we have dual honorees. Two of my favorite funny men—the dry-witted and boyishly handsome Paul Rudd (far left) and the tall, lovable dufus Jason Segel (not as far left)—will play the leads in a new comedy coming out in March, and my excitement about this momentous occasion precluded me from picking just one winner. The premise of I Love You, Man is questionable. Basically, a dude (Rudd) with no dude friends needs a best man for his upcoming wedding, so he goes on a dude hunt and winds up meeting another dude (Segel), and they engage in lots of dude-ly high jinks. I’ll be honest—it wouldn’t matter what this movie was about; I would see it just because of these two guys. I mean, it’s Paul Rudd and Jason Segel! Am I the only one thrilled about this? Do you love these guys, too? And, if so, who is your fave?


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