ShopTalk Crush of the Week: Fabio Viviani

Although it seems that Jeff was the understood dreamboat among this season’s Top Chef contestants, I wholeheartedly disagree. For me, Fabio is the fox. Is he the best chef? Nah, probably not. But does his effortless charm and broken English have me rooting for him anyway? Absolutely. I mean, I know the sounds that tumble out of his mouth on a weekly basis are words, but all I hear is that thick Italian accent and the occasional random quotable (“This is Top Chef, not Top Pu**y!” was a recent fave). He also gets major points for last week’s display of manning up and moving on. If you missed it, Fabio breaks his finger during the elimination challenge but continues to chop, slice, and dice with the rest of the contestants, eschewing a hospital visit in typical Fabio fashion. And you know what else? He won the challenge! I love you, Fabio, I hope you win! At the very least, I hope you beat Hosea. Watch Wednesday at 9 pm to see the chef-testants hit New Orleans. (Photo: Bravo)


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