Rockaholic Part Deux

Tigi has four more new products (in addition to the ones I told you about on Friday) that are hitting stores right now. Initially, they can only be purchased together in this sweet guitar holder (you know you like it) but eventually they will all be sold separately. In it you get they’re new Livin’ The Dream sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip color, helps repair damanged or processed hair and provides UV protection. Do you know the band Plain White T’s? Well, apparently they tried Livin’ The Dream and as a result were able to get their fried hair back to its natural state (I’m sure only to damage it again but at least now they can start with healthy hair). Also, in the guitar kit are a spray gel called Rocktastic and a finishing product, Punk Out Molding Gunk. The spray gel is great for scrunching and has a hard hold. It also protects against the heat of hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons too. Molding Gunk is between a cream and a wax. Tigi claims it will make hair shiny and create texture and separation as well. All of these products are packed with nourishing ingredients too! So check them out and rock on!


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