Rock It Out!

This morning a rep from Tigi came in to show us their new Rockaholic hair product line which they made clear is NOT just for rockers. In fact, the rep said her grandmother regularly uses their dry shampoo. So if it’s good enough for Grandma, it’s good enough for you! All of the products, which repair and hydrate, were created for overprocessed or over-colored locks (which is stereotypically what a rocker’s hair looks like if you think about it). The first half of the line (which has been out for a month or so) includes Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, Fun Times Flexible Hairspray, Rock Out Shine Blaster and Born To Rock Leave-In Detangler and Defrizzer. As you know I’m all about dry shampoos so I’m excited to try this one. It is supposed to give hair lift, absorb oil and supply nutrients. Just be sure to hold it at arm’s length when you spray so you don’t get a big splotch of it in one place. One thing I love about Tigi’s products is the scent. They’re all so good! And the dry shampoo doesn’t disappoint in that area. Apparently, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders use Dirty Secret during games to revitalize their sweaty ‘do’s. The flexible hairspray provides a light hold and adds shine while the leave-in conditoner does just that – conditions. Spray it in after towel-drying hair and it will keep you looking fab all day, with some extra shine too. The Rock Out Shine Blaster smooths flyaways and split ends for a perfect finishing touch. I’ll tell you about the four newest Rockaholic products on Monday. I’m going to try all of these over the week end so if you see me rocking out over the next two days you’ll know why.


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