Red Carpet Rundown: The Grammys

Ah, the Grammys. Usually a smorgasbord of ridiculous getups—remember Christina circa 2001 or Sheryl in 2002?—this year’s event was rather disappointing. I mean, sure, Katy Perry with sequined fruit stapled to her hips was silly, but she was on stage and she still looked hot, which is my ultimate measure. Granted, I didn’t watch the whole show, but after reviewing countless gossip sites and skimming pics, here are my comments. 1) Back to Katy Perry: silly performance costume, but cute pink gown. And her hair and makeup was flawless. 2) Carrie Underwood’s performance outfit: That’s how to make a sequined hotpant onesie look classy. (Good to know.) 3) M.I.A.: Her due date was yesterday. Who cares what she wore? Props for showing up. 4) Gwyneth Paltrow: Glamorous yet appropriate. She looked like a movie star but fit in with the rockers. 5) John Mayer and Paula Abdul make my worst dressed list. Here’s why. Thoughts in the comments, ladies and gents.


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