Red Carpet Rundown: Oscars Edition

Finally, the end of awards season. But did it go out with a bang?  Eh, it’s questionable. Sure there were some stunners—Marisa Tomei in that extraordinary silver Versace gown, Anne Hathaway in her Armani Prive sparkler, and Penelope Cruz with that gorgeous vintage ballgown (which she first spotted eight years ago and went searching for just for this occassion!)—but over all, it was pretty low key. I didn’t see too many flat out misses, but I was left wanting some wow. Some examples, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, and even Kate Winslet. None looked bad, but none conveyed that movie star je ne sais quoi that I needed. Then again, my mood was soured by my canceled watch party, which led the evening down a dichotomous path of Oscar-Lockdown channel flipping. (Ah, mawidge.) What do you Talkers think? Did I miss some hits?


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