Permanent Cosmetics Event At Plano Aesthetics

If you’ve been considering permanent makeup or are in need of a touch-up, you might want to stop by Plano Aesthetics next Wednesday, when it welcomes Erika Seamayer, an AIIC master instructor for permanent cosmetics. Seamayer, who has been an aesthetician for the past 17 years, will offer her expertise and services from 9 am-4 pm. Eye liner and brows are $500 each, and lips are $600, but discounts are available. If you do two areas, you’ll get 10 percent off, and three areas will get you 15 percent off. Newbies to permanent makeup should check out these frequently asked questions from the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals web site. My No. 1 question—does it hurt?—is one of the many topics covered. The answer, by the way, is not really, but maybe, in which case they’ll give you something to make it not so hurty. Works for me. Go here for more on Seamayer and her work.


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  • I’m not big on needles and pain either.

    As Erika explains, “The process of implanting the color can be uncomfortable but rarely painful because she uses a combination of two topical anesthetics.”

    Works for me too!

  • I had my brows and lashes done by Erika and love it. There was no down time and only went without mascara for a day or two. She is very good at what she does and I would do it again if I hadn’t already had it done.

  • julie

    I love my permanent! Erika did my brows and lash enhancement eyeliner about 3 years ago. She is so professional and I had very minimal discomfort during my procedure. It’s amazing how eyebrows add so much character to a womans face espically the “perfect” eyebrows. No more eyebrow pencils and eyeliner for me. Thank You erika!

  • Maryjane

    Several years ago, my sister in law and myself had permanet eyeliner applied. Erika is fantastic! After leaving a different “high end” establishment because we were uncomfortable,we found Erika! She made the entire experience comfortable and a lot of fun! Four years later, I have never needed a touch up. To this day I don’t think of Erika as my aesthetician, but as my friend. She is just that good!

  • Anna

    I could not even begin to explain the situation I was in before I met Erika. I had my brows done some 4 years ago and they turned out horrific(especially the right eyebrow).Imagine four years of trying(with eyebrow pencil) to correct something that could not be corrected. Then I was referred to Erika(Happy Day), she corrected the right eyebrow and re did the left one. She shaped them beautifully, I love them. SHE’S THE BEST

  • ann

    I have been in the salon business for 22 years and have been around many estheticians and I must say that Erika’s professional approach and her colorful candor made the experience a pleasure. I am a makeup artist myself and really wasn’t that crazy about the idea, I just thought I could continue to put on as much or as little as I wanted to, but I went through with an eyelash enhancement, she listened to my concerns, and made it very natural, but a definate difference. I couldn’t be happier with the look. Now I can go with no makeup if I have to and still have eyes….Yea, Thanks Erika.

  • Congratulations, Erika.

    By profession, I am a singer/songwriter/entertainer/international recording artist/motivational speaker, AND… at 69, I play
    Erika has done my eyebrows, eyeliner, top and bottom…and lips! This has given me great confidence as an entertainer and a motivational speaker knowing I have on permanent makeup. And as an athlete, it’s great to still look good when you SWEAT! Thanks, Erika for all you’ve done for me.Love, MOM

  • Amy

    Dallas’ new slogan “Live Large. Think Big.” describes the essence and vitality of a city built on big dreams, freshly blazed trails and an attitude that all things are possible. This richly diverse city offers a thriving culinary scene, leading arts district, countless luxury accommodations, professional sports, trendy entertainment districts and endless shopping opportunities. Dallas’ growth and development has not gone unnoticed by the media. Many publications are writing about the new and intriguing aspects of this modern and urban-chic city. The population of Dallas is 1,210,390, 9th Largest City in the United States, 3rd Largest in Texas, and among the nation’s 100 Most Ethnically Diverse Communities. Erika Seamayer is the owner of Tyler Laine Studio. She has been an Aesthetician and Make-Up artist for more than seventeen years. She is a certified Master Instructor for American Institute of Intradernal Cosmetics (AIIC) in Intradernal Cosmetics. She teaches Basic Courses, Intermediate/Hands-on Clinics and Advanced Classes. She is also certified to perform paramedical procedures, i.e. tattoo removal, scar camouflage, alopecia patients and areola restoration. Dallas being the new “chic” urban city, Ms. Seamayer has geared her Studio towards this image and believes, “image is everything”, through photography, makeup, lighting and wardrobe, she helps women create their own unique image, using the same high-profile approach in creating a Unique Image for professional models, musicians, actors and Hollywood types and is excited to share her studio with the people of Canton, TX. Tyler Laine Studio will launch this coming 1st Monday for March. Dallas Location coming soon…

  • darlene fornicola

    Erica did a fabulous job. I had my eye liner and brows done about 4 years ago. Before I had the procedure, I had no color to my face. I am a mother of three boys and when I would spend time out at the pool or doing out door activities, I felt like I could just put some lips on and go. When I would put on make up,It’s so fast and easy to be able to skip the brows and eyeliner. I can’t believe it lasted this long. Love IT!!

  • Debbie

    Erica, Did my permanent makeup Eyebrows & Eyeliner, she did a great job. My eyebrows didnt hurt due to the 2 creams she puts on and the eyeliner is a lil uncomfortable but not just horrible. I am so happy with my new look, now I wake up and have my makeup already on. She is a joy to be around!

  • Susan

    I am blessed to have found Erica. After considering permanent brows for several years and not feeling comfortable with the process, Erica was patient and confident and took time to fully explain the procedure and expectations. I was fair and had very sparse brows leaving me with little color and expression without makeup. Now I wake up to a better version of myself and I couldn’t be happier. Erica is professional, fun and a delight to be with.

  • B.A.

    I have known Erika for 15 years, not only as a friend but as a client. She is the BEST. She is professional, patient, kind, funny, a complete joy, and extremely good at what she does. She is a blessing to my life.

  • Dana

    Wow! I cannot even begin to express how happy I am with my permanent makeup. I had always wanted to try it, but never really thought I would be brave enough. Through my friendship with Erika, I realized I would be in good hands. And I was! She was so professional and comforting at the same time. It was a great experience, even for a “chicken” like me. I had my eyeliner done first and that was so awesome, I had my lips done. Thanks Erika!