New York Fashion Week Downsized?

New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow and many are wondering how the economy will affect the shows this season. Some of the out-of-town reporters (i.e. me) won’t be attending this season and some designers have opted to do pared-down presentations (which I prefer sometimes) as opposed to full-blown runway shows. Today shows a little “Runway Optimism” in their fall 2009 Fashion Week preview. Highlights include sustainable style, more models of color, intimate gatherings (for those lucky enough to get an invite), Barbie celebrates 50, new designer digs, designer debuts, and designer collaborations. Speaking of collaboration’s, Be Inthavong (Dallas-native) and Steve Dumain of Be & D collaborated with designer Doo Ri Chung to design belts and shoes for her fall 2009 collection. We can’t wait to see what the creative duo has in store…we hear it’s a must-have for the fashion risk-taker.


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