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My Man is Fresh, How About Yours?

By Kristin Hull |

Last weekend my husband and I went into the Fresh store at NorthPark. For some reason he likes to have bar soap in the shower and I told him they might have something he’d like. (I’ve been a big fan of Fresh for years.) He ended up buying one called Hesperides which not only smelled great in the store but apparently, even better in the shower. Last night he said to me, “Did you try that Fresh soap yet? Oh my God! It’s incredible!” He then went on and on not only about the scent but the texture too. He added that it rinses off very easily so that his skin doesn’t feel filmy or tight after a shower. I was surprised by his enthusiasm but also totally convinced that this was indeed the “best soap ever.” (I tried it myself this morning and have to agree with everything he said.) But back to last night. At one point, after his shower, the rain and hail came pouring down so hard that we went to open the back door and watch it for a few minutes. We were standing there silent in front of the screen door when suddenly he says, “Wow! I smell good!” I started laughing so hard! It was such a random comment at the time, and also funny to hear coming from a man. His arm had been up near his head beacuse he was leaning against the doorway and he said that the strong winds blew in our direction and the scent from his arm wafted up to his nose and he thought, “Wow, the rain smells good tonight!” But then he realized it was his arm that smelled so good! So if you are looking for something to give your man for Valentine’s Day a trip to the Fresh store might be worth it.

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