Lisa Loeb Gets Married

As my friend and colleague Adam McGill reports (or reports on reports, rather) on our brother site, Lisa Loeb got married last weekend. As previously mentioned, I adore reality television, and I was obsessed with Loeb’s show #1 Single. So obsessed in fact that when she came to town, I was the natural choice to interview her. The show was not renewed (I curse you E!), so the article never came together. Anyway, jump for some of her relationship insights I gleaned from that talk almost two years ago.

Lisa and I met at Cooper Clinic and spent most of the day there before heading to Whole Foods. I was kind of going through a weird time with my own relationship (ahem), and so she spent a majority of our day giving me pep talks and her take on love. I am an incredibly fancy investigative reporter.

On my penchant for funny boys: “Funny men can get annoying.”

On letting men pay for everything on dates:  “I am a feminist. But I’m from Dallas. I’m still learning how to let a guy pay. And I open doors for guys.”

On being a feminist yet still wanting to get married: “I call it ‘post-feminist’–It’s not getting married because I have to. I want a partner in life. It’s fun to have that one person in your life–it’s really fun to have that partner. But it’s not just I’m going to do it because everyone else is. It’s post-feminist because it’s not expected.”

On what single girls should be reading: “If the Buddha Dated. It’s the best book ever.”

And perhaps my favorite line of the day. “What are you looking for? I meet a lot of people who aren’t right for me, but they might be right for you.”

Lisa Loeb wanted to set me up! BFFs for a day. Anyway, I forgive her for not inviting me to her wedding. Mazal tov, Lisa!


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