Leesa’s Girl

The Andelon Gallery is in a pretty out of the way place – in a warehouse behind the Home Depot on Lemmon, but it is worth the trip. These ladies show only “alive in Dallas” local artists, and have a pretty good time with it. One of my favorite people, Leesa Condry is showing there, the open house is tonight. Her story is compelling – she is an artist who is also an ob/gyn – she left her practice at Southwestern in 2003 to spend time in Sierra Leone repairing young girls who were “damaged in childbirth.” This image is of the same girl. In the first, she was very young and hopeless, 6 years later after having been operated on by Leesa look at the pride in her lovely face. I have to ask myself – what have I done for the world like my friend Leesa?


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