It’s A Miracle!

Last night the sky opened up and angels flew down from heaven upon my humble abode. A bright light shone down and glorious music from the choirs above came floating down warming my body like the summer sun. I raised my arms up and spun around soaking up the joy raining down upon me. No, it’s not because I found out I was pregnant, or won the lottery, or saved a baby bird that fell out of its nest. But something equally as wonderful happened. A miracle, if you will. I found a product that dries my nail polish within minutes that is quick, easy and affordable! Do you know what this is going to do to my beauty-life?! It has opened up a whole new world, a world in which I don’t fear smears and smudges. A world where my clumsy self won’t constantly be looking down at my manicure wondering why I even bothered to do it in the first place. I’m free! Free, I say!

Ok, enough drama. I’m sure by now you’re dying for the details. It’s call DripDry by OPI. Just put two drops on each nail one minute after applying the top coat and within sixty seconds your nails will be dry to the touch. In five minutes they will be totally dry. Also, DripDry contains jojoba to keep cuticles moisturized. What more could a girl want? You can buy this miracle-in-a-bottle at Ulta stores for $9.95. And when you do, may the heavens open up for you too.


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