Adrien Brody = Fashionable Fellow

Speaking of Oscar fashion, the ladies usually get all the attention, but the men were looking quite dapper last night. Adrien Brody sported long locks and a Versace one-button black tuxedo with double lapel. We also spotted the star at the opening party for local restaurateur Tristan Simon‘s new concept, Westside Tavern in L.A. on Friday night. My friend, who had imbibed many “Grapefruit Rickey’s” (our new favorite cocktail), worked up the courage to ask him for a photo and then dragged me into it (I’ll post a pic when I get it from her). Brody, who was looking sleek that evening as well, was sporting leather gloves throughout the evening. My husband was wondering if he had a germ phobia or something, but I assume he was just making a fashion statement. He wore it well. What do you all think?


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  • Jennifer Chininis

    Love the tux, but I wish he would shave!

  • cjs

    I think he is SO handsome….in a dirty sort of way. But good dirty, not homeless dirty. I’m not making much of a case for myself here, am I?

    Hot? Yes.

  • James

    I just met Adrian at the AFI Dallas,and he wasnt wearing gloves. He was shaking lots of hands at the after party for his screening. Didnt seem to me like a germaphobe