A Sign of the Times? Richard Hayler Colour Salon Is Closed.

We’re sad to report that Richard Hayler, long considered one of the top stylists in Dallas, has closed his eponymous salon. And this isn’t the first loss for Neiman Marcus. As Candy Evans reported on her blog, DallasDirt, back in November, the Estee Lauder Spa also shuttered. But one ending often leads to a new beginning, and two senior colorists, Deanna Sidley and Kevin Koch, have opened dk salon. (I hate it when a proper name is lowercase!) If you loved Richard Hayler Colour Salon, never fear, because Sidley and Koch took pretty much everyone with them, including nine colorists, six stylists, and one Great Lengths Hair Extensions specialist. The salon’s temporary digs are located at 3000 Carlisle St., Ste. 210, at Bowen. To schedule an appointment, call 214-969-9011.

And, because I’m a shameless self-promoter, this is a good time to mention that the summer issue of D Beauty will be all about Dallas Hair! So look for it on newsstands in June. In it you’ll find all the latest dish from Dallas stylists, plus sassy makeovers. Can’t wait.


  • Emily

    Thank you for covering this story. As a Richard Hayler client, I did not receive cancellation notice for my March 3, 2009 appointment. Not great customer service!!Thanks to you guys I knew to call Dear Clark. My hair thanks you!!

  • Shopper

    Too bad Richard left his employees high and dry and told him they were out of business via a text message! They had only a about a week to get a new salon up and running. Richard took care of himself but not his employees.

  • Ooo…let me know if you need a mua for the summer issue!!! (shameless self-promotion)

  • CES

    Lisa Bennett (formerly of Richard Hayler) is setting up her new salon too! She is THE go-to gal for blonde! And the top Richard Hayler colorists/stylists left prior to Richard’s closing up shop to follow Lisa! I hear that her new salon will open this month @ Inwood Village and is her namesake. Such a doll — she is a class act!

  • MAL

    I’m confused. The last time I was at the salon, about three weeks ago, my stylist informed me that the salon was relocating to a space next to the Porch restaurant on Henderson. Is this no longer true?

  • LSB

    Some of the best shops, restaurants and services have closed despite their best efforts. (I never liked that Neiman’s only takes AMEX!!)RH’s name is hardly “mud”. Every location bearing his name has had the best stylists and top notch atmosphere (which doesn’t happen by accident). Wherever Richard lands, I’ll be there!

  • dottie

    Does anyone know where Tracy went he is an outstanding colorist? as someone else said i was also told Richard was opening a salon off Knox Henderson across from the Porch?
    this is very confusing

  • MAL

    Dottie, my stylist called me yesterday after I posted the comment above to let me know that the new Richard Hayler salon near the Porch has definitely been called off and that she is at dk salon. Maybe you can call 214-969-9011 and ask if Tracy is there as well? I think this happened so abruptly that a lot of the stylists are just now getting the chance to let people know what is going on. Last week, I received a card in the mail from dk salon, so maybe those went out to all the clients of the people who moved over?

  • Tracy

    Thanx for the kind words dotti,Jennifer &myself have a small space in Preston Centre (Salon Boutique,#36),& we are working our way through a phone list.
    Tracy (214 563 8072)
    Jennifer (214 563 8973)

  • Tracy

    Correction to above
    Jennifer (214 563 8073)

  • …all good things must come to an end. My family for seven years let me fly away to pursue my dreams. I will be eternally thankfull for all my friends at Richard Hayler. I have never been happier professionally and personally. Mick, I shall never forget my laughs with you most of all.

  • Kim

    Found Sarah… she’s at 3000 Carslile. Thanks for the article! Would have been very sad not to have found her!

  • Ilona Lucardie

    Richard Hayler is a very cool and amazing man. The economy has affected everyone. He will prevail! Mad love and respect for RH

  • It is True Richard Hayler is part of a new salon opening off Knox Henderson.Next to the Porch. Named Halo. It opens June 23. With him behind it I’m sure it will be a success!

  • Cristy

    I not only had the worst experience ever in my 10 years of getting highlights at Sidley Koch, but was duped into a blow-dry without being told that I could either do it myself, or that it would be 35 dollars. The colorist told me she could have someone do it for me or I could just leave as is. I will never, ever, return to this salon. The coloring was average at best, and after the misrepresentation, I will never refer a single person to this salon. I was excited about possibly finding a great “blonde” place in Dallas, but left in tears. My hair is blotchy, uneven, and I would’ve gotten a better job done at Super Cuts.

  • Petesoulboy

    Richard is the top man , no messing , now he is back to his best.

  • Thanks forrrr this post ! Keep It Up sending stuff like this

  • Morgan

    I’m a little late on getting the news since I just moved back to the DFW area after living near Houston since 2006, but I’m shocked to hear Richard Hayler closed! I worked there briefly in 2006 (I’m a hairdresser, but accepted a receptionist position to get my foot in the door for the next apprenticeship opening, which didn’t occur before I ended up moving to Houston), and have since held Richard Hayler Colour Salon as the epitome of the ideal salon. The products, atmosphere, and talent that made up that salon were all of exemplary quality. I’m thrilled (though not at all surprised) to hear that everyone was able to transfer smoothly and successfully. The amount of talent possessed by each stylist and colorist from Richard Hayler makes it impossible for them to thrive wherever they’re located. I’m curious to know how things are going at the salons opened up by former employees now that they’ve been established for a couple of years…can anyone tell me? (I’m also curious about whether any of the places is currently hiring now that I’m back in the DFW area! 😉 The talent and creativity flying around those places is hard to resist wanting to join!)

    As far as having the “worst experience ever” with someone up to the standards of employment at Richard Hayler, I find it extremely hard to imagine….My comments to you are going to come across as rude and sarcastic, but I truly don’t mean to come across that way…I have some very definite thoughts on what you posted so I’m just going to be straighforward with them… I’ve been a stylist for several years and I don’t know of a single place that would not be more than willing to correct whatever issue you have with the results of your service. If you don’t express to them that you’d like it redone, though, and instead decide not to ever return and to tell everyone (except your stylist/colorist) how horrible they were, they can’t do anything to try and resolve whatever you’re dissatisfied with. Also, if you have ever been to a departmentalized salon (where color and cutting/styling are performed by specialized people rather than one person who can do any service), you know that your colorist doesn’t touch a hairdryer or anything else that is not color-related….Toni & Guy or Visible Changes in any mall is the same way. If you HAVEN’T ever been to a specialized salon, then you should probably ask questions about their procedures rather than assuming that doing something they suggest is going to be free…Adding additional services costs more money.
    Also, I didn’t even realize that Supercuts did color services! Good luck with that!