I’m Cuckoo for Coco!

I just got a press release on a really cool website, cocomyles.com. They make custom dresses that can be worn as bridesmaid dresses or evening dresses, or now that I think about it, even as a wedding dress. You can choose from styles inspired by celebrities (like the one on Eva Longoria at left), or pick from their pre-designed silouettes. They have tons of colors available for each and also offer shawls, sashes and bows made-to-order. The best part is that none of them are over $150. They have four fabric choices – satin, charmeuse, georgette and matte jersey, and the gowns are returnable if you contact them within 48 hours of receiving yours. It seems like there’s nothing to lose!

The site is really thorough too. I love that you can easily play with colors right on the web page and as you add accessories (i.e. a shawl) the price is adjusted instantly so you know immediately if you’ve gone over your budget. The photo of each dress can also be rotated to view the back and every celeb-inspired dress has a link to a photo of said famous person wearing a similar frock. Sizing is not a problem eilther; cocomyles.com is an equal-opportunity dressmaker. Gowns can be made in petite or plus-sizes and they even have maternity options! Seriously, check it out. Let us know if you end up using it!


  • Dana

    I’m planning on getting the Bradgelina celebrity-inspired dress in eggplant georgette for my August wedding.

    I haven’t ordered it yet, but I wanted to throw this out there for anyone who is considering – they send samples of fabric, and faster than you can believe! I asked for four samples – a couple whites (in case I decided to go traditional), a silver, and the eggplant I decided to go with. They replied to my emailed request the VERY NEXT DAY, and I had samples about a week later.

    So, if you’re worried about ordering fabric or color based on a website picture, don’t let that stop you! If I weren’t already set on my dress, the fast and friendly response to my request would have definitely made the decision for me!