The Z Peel

As expected, I recently had a lovely experience at Exhale Spa. I didn’t think a locker room that didn’t disgust me was in existance but Exhale has proven again and again that it is. I was running late so I didn’t have time to relax in the cozy spa waiting room but my facialist did a great job of releasing my tension on her own. For this appointment, I decided on the Z-peel which is an exfoliating facial. I figured before I headed to the great white north (Michigan) for the holidays I’d get my skin cleaned up and ready to face the harsh elements. The secret ingredient in the Z-peel is Actizyme® 3M-M which is derived from the Mucor Miehei mushroom that “exfoliates dead and damaged skin sells by mimicking the skin’s own shedding process.” But don’t be afraid of the word “exfoliate.” Some exfoliating products can be harsh but everything used in this facial was smooth and silky. I didn’t feel any of the grainy-ness we associate with most exfoliating products (which can irritate sensitive skin). That’s probably why this particular treatment is safe for every skin type. There wasn’t any residual redness afterward and I felt ready to head into the holidays looking vibrant and fresh!


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