ShopTalk Crush of the Week: Josh Brolin

When I saw Milk over the holidays, I was expecting to be blown away by Sean Penn, pleasantly surprised by James Franco, and, at the most, mildly entertained by the other supporting actors. But that is not at all what happened. In actuality, only one actor made me want to talk about him the next day: Josh Brolin. Everyone else was good—Emile Hirsch, especially, deserves kudos—but Brolin was great. I’m no film critic, but in my opinion, Brolin’s portrayal of Harvey Milk killer Dan White had more depth than all the others combined. And did I mention his rugged good looks? Even with a late-’70s comb-over and ugly three-piece suits, Brolin managed to maintain a certain level of sexiness. His manly-man looks also served him well in 2007’s No Country for Old Men (my fave flick from that year), and he was even putting on the charm way back in 1985 when his mean-big-brother character won the girl in The Goonies. Diane Lane, you’re a lucky lady! 


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