ShopTalk Crush of the Week: Bruce Springsteen

The Boss may not have been the hottest man at the Golden Globes, or the best-dressed, or the funniest—he did look right nice, however, and also got a couple of laughs—but he was definitely the coolest. And that is why he takes home this week’s ShopTalk Crush honors. That gold statue he won for “The Wrestler,” the original song he wrote for the Mickey Rourke flick of the same name, pales in comparison to what comes with this latest achievement: my undying love and devotion. Actually, he already had that, but the Globes just gave me a reason to make my adoration public. Seriously, I love Bruce Springsteen, and, unlike many others from his heyday, the aging-rocker thing is really working for him. So, in short: Bruce, you rock. Literally. Just wish I could have been around for this. (Photo © HFPA and Golden Globe Awards)


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