Redness Woes

I’ve always envied people with beautiful skin (who hasn’t?). Mine isn’t too bad but thanks to my Irish background it’s a little red in certain spots. I’ve tried all kinds of foundations, creams and concealers to even out my skin tone but nothing really worked – until now. Clinique has created a whole line of redness-relief products. So far, I’ve only tried the loose powder but I like it so much I’m not sure I even need anything else. With its yellow shade, I was a little leery that it would make me look dead but it doesn’t. It just neutralizes the redness and evens out my skintone. Clinique even says to try the powder on one side of your face as a test to see the difference – which I haven’t yet done but you know I will. The ingredients that help neutralize the redness were custom-made by Clinique and include caffeine, magnolia bark, mushroom and grapefruit. Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium help to absorb excess oil which is always a plus, especially in the Texas heat. Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder will be available at Clinique counters and at beginning in February.


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