Re: Mighty Brights

If you read the comments for Raya’s post about Bobbi Brown’s new Brights Eye Palette, you will have learned that I’m clueless when it comes to the application of bright eye shadow. (Give me a break, I just figured out eyeliner a few months ago.) Lucky for me, I’ve got Josi, the makeup maven who blogs over here. So, I said, “Hey, Josi. Help!” And she said, “Okay!” The unabridged version:

For Day: For pastel brights I love to keep it clean and simple. Nothing brightens your face more. I like to start with a VERY thin line of black liner along the top lash line, basically just to build up the lash line and give more definition to the eye. Then apply the pastel shadow from the lash line to the crease. I like to use a good fluffy brush (like MAC # 224) so that the shadow blends and there is no line of demarcation. Add a hefty dose of mascara to the top lashes. Then finish up your face with a matte, sheer blush (like the Bobbi Blush) and a berry lip stain and you are good to go!

For Night: I (obviously) like to use my pastels with black liner. For night it gives eyes instant drama. Line the entire eye and inner rims with a black or gray kohl pencil. Then apply the pastel from the lash line to just above the tops of the creases. Cameron Diaz does this one ALL the time, and she uses blue pastels a lot. But you can use any shade from the Bobbi palette and get the same effect.

For Added Fun: Pastel brights are fun to use in place of traditional highlighters. The pink, yellow, and peach shades in the Bobbi palette are perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners. They also work great for those that like to contour their eyes. Any of the lighter shades make great lid colors. The matte, sheer tones are perfect for day since you don’t want to be all disco-ed out at the office anyway.

So, long story short, pastel brights really aren’t hard to wear. The key to “getting it right” is all about placement. You want controlled color in small doses—enough to bring out your features without going all Ronald-McDonald!

Thanks, Josi!


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