Palm Beach and Pretty Pools

So, I just got back from a trip to the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach, and it was heavenly. (With the exception of the Canadian woman who asked me two days into the trip whether the stereotypes about Dallas were true, and I had no idea which one she was referring to–but clearly, I hadn’t disproved whatever they were, since she felt compelled to ask…) Madonna was in town–supposedly staying at The Breakers–and despite the Madoff fallout, Palm Beach looks and feels good. I told all this to a powerful and amazing D saleswoman who thought it the perfect time to point out that Phil McEwan Pools and Spas is joining forces with Bonick Landscaping. “The McEwan merger will add expanded pool services and expertise including pool repair to Bonick Landscaping’s extensive array of services,” she informed me. I suppose that’s her way of bringing a little Palm Beach to everyone’s backyards. Call ’em up at 972-243-9673 or visit


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