Natural Lip Gear

Think about it. If we wear lipstick almost every day, each year, for many, many years, that’s a lot of lipstick. (I bet I could recreate the Statue of Liberty out of all of the lip gunk I’ve used.) It was from this idea that Primitive was born. Nancy Caigan and Susanna Ronner decided, because of the extreme amount of lipstick women consume, ingredients in cosmetics should be healthy and pure. They put their heads together and came out with Primitive, a natural lip color line without additives or artificial colors. But don’t worry. This line is created with lipstick lovers in mind, not just hippies. Colors are inspired by Moroccan deserts, Balinese beaches, and Caribbean sunsets. Lipsticks, liners, and glosses come in a full range of colors from reds and corals to pinks and neutrals. (And the lipsticks are ultra smooth and so moisturizing.) Products are available at Vitamin Cottage. 7517 Campbell Blvd., Ste. 500.


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