My New Favorite Hand Cream

Because I have a mild case of germophobia, I wash my hands approximately 1 billion times a day. Besides wasting water, this habit also seriously dries out my skin, especially in the winter. I slather on hand lotion, but it just doesn’t help. Or, it doesn’t help for long, anyway. Until now. I am happy to report that I have finally found a hand cream that keeps my skin hydrated—even through a hand-washing. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is the magic potion, and I haven’t stopped using it since the first day I dipped my dry, cracked fingers into the tub. It’s also fragrance-free, which means I don’t walk around smelling like an oatmeal cookie or a flower garden, and you can get it at your favorite major drugstore or retail chain. ($13.49 at And, in case you didn’t know, Cetaphil is made by Fort Worth-based Galderma.


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