Mighty Brights

Bobbi Brown has created the jackpot of eyeshadows with the Brights Eye Palette. The price tag may be a little steep—it’s $70—but I’ve decided it’s totally worth it. Here’s why: one, there are 35 gorgeous matte colors, and each color is a brand new shade belonging only to this palette. Two, although the palette seems strangely small at first, it’s actually the perfect way to buy bright colors. Do you ever use an entire pot of bright green? Three, it’s completely travel friendly with a full size mirror inside. And four, Bobbi Brown eye shadows are undoubtedly good quality. The colors are beautiful and the texture, usually butter-soft. I declare this palette a treasure. If you want one, go quick. It’s a limited edition product, and I bet this will be a big hit.

*Update: Get excited! You can win this product from the ladies at madberries.com. Click here to enter the drawing.

*Update #2: I forgot to include a link to a place for purchase… Click here to buy your own.


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