If the Person Who Invented This Is Rich, Then Please Excuse Me While I Jump off a Cliff

Listen. We get a lot of press releases around here. And I do feel sorry for the people who’ve been contracted to represent what they must consider to be the world’s dumbest product. Alas. You can’t love everything you do. Just a minute ago, a release landed in my mailbox touting “Briday Party Idea.” (At least she got that part right, because I am the editor of a bridal magazine. So kudos for that.) I will not name the PR person, because, well, it’s not her fault that this thing is ridiculous. The idea? Twist ‘n Shot, just another needless piece of plastic that will get warped in the dishwasher, to make your wedding shower fun and spontaneous! If you haven’t figured it out yet, these little ditties are made especially for Jell-o shots! Well, thank god for that, because I was really put off by the way the flimsy plastic cups used to crumple in my mouth as I tried to suck out an Everclear-infused cup of goo. And I was really upset when half the shot got stuck to the sides! This is really the perfect gift that your friends never even knew they wanted! Put a fork in me. I’m done.


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