Cinderella is Going to the Ball

Well, not really Cinderella, just me – Peggy, the design girl.  I decided to go to DC for the inauguration just because my daughter Lauren lives 7 blocks from the Capitol and I thought it would be so cool just to be part of this momentous occasion.  Then, my daughter Mara got an invite to Al Gore’s Green Ball at the Inauguration.  By whining a lot, and dishing some serious guilt (How’s this? “27 years ago I labored for 13 hours so you could be here, tell your boss I’m going too”), I’m going to the ball.  I think I got Lisa Marie Presley’s ticket.  Guilt is good, it helps to be a (sort of) Jewish mother.  And, I knew some day having all those kids was going to come in handy.  Look for me at the ball – I’ll be the one dancing with Gore.  PS – Adam how do I classify this?


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