Bowling and Bars

I’m sure some of you out there are football fans. If you’re not, your husband/boyfriend/guy friends are, which, in my experience, equates to lots of time spent in sports bars—especially these past few weeks, as I’ve learned that watching bowl games, no matter who is playing, is the lifeblood which sustains football fans through the drudgery of the off season by spurring countless arguments as to the merits and/or faults of the BCS selection system (not to mention heated debates about which conference reigns supreme). All this bar time hasn’t exactly kick-started my “new year, new you” campaign, but in preparation for Thursday’s national championship game (Boomer Sooner!), I’ve decided to do a little research to help me navigate the standard bar drink menu.

Thanks, Fitho, for the wonderful info. The following beverages are all around 100 calories:

1. Champagne, Red Wine: Per glass, both these drinks contain less than a 100 calories.

2. Diet Lime Vodka: A 30 ml shot of vodka, with diet lime soda and a splash of lime.

3. Gin & Tonic: This classic drink is also low on calories. Better yet, if its diet Tonic.

4. Diet Cuba Libre: A 30 ml shot of rum, a splash  of lime and top off with diet cola.

Steer clear of sugary juices, cream, liquers, etc. They’re high in calories and just give you the munchies.

Let me know if you have any other drink suggestions!


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