Bobbi Brown’s “Makeup Manual”

Bobby Brown’s new book, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, covers all the bases from beginner to expert. There’s no topic concerning cosmetics that this manual doesn’t delve into. The book includes hundreds of gorgeous photos, a detailed how-to for doing smoky eyes, a ten step guide to perfect makeup, and more. Here are four genius tips from the expert herself:

1.    To get the best foundation color: “Do shop in daylight for foundation.” (A good, basic guideline for success.)

2.    To keep makeup around longer: “Don’t toss leftovers unless the makeup is more than eighteen months old. When that lipstick or cream blush gets near the end, scoop the remainder into small, covered, compartmentalized boxes (palettes) that are available at art and beauty supply stores. Label the back of the palette with the color name for reference when you need to restock.” (BRILLIANT!)

3.    To conceal a blemish: “Using a concealer brush, apply oil-free cover stick or foundation to the blemish. Try to match the skin tone exactly. Concealers, which are a shade or two lighter than the face, should not be used on blemishes. Pat the area lightly. Do not rub. Blend into a small area directly around the blemish. Powder to lock the product(s) in place. Continue with foundation.” (Finally, the exact recipe for concealment.)

4.    To find the perfect, everyday lip color: “To identify the best basic lip color, remove all makeup. The perfect neutral shade—pinky, brown, nude beige pink, rosy brown, pink chocolate, or blackberry—will generally be close in tone to the natural lip color. The one that looks good on the naked face is the right neutral, everyday, mistake-proof color. It should not look ashy, orange, or pink, but like an enhanced version of natural lip color…You know you have found the right shade when it enhances the skin tone, makes the eyes look brighter, and gives the face a lift.” (I tried this. It’s a fail-proof solution to finding your perfect lip color.)

To pick up a copy of the book—and you definitely should—go to


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