The Herbal Remedy

Happy 2009, ShopTalkers! I hope everyone had a great holiday! I spent a week in Michigan (where I grew up) and never noticed how dry is it up there until this trip. (I guess 20 degree weather, snow and wind will do that.) My hands looked horrible and they felt even worse. Luckily, my herbalist sister (Kathleen Wildwood) was visiting too and she gave me some of her homemade St. John’s Wort oil to relieve my parched skin (and it is a natural sunscreen as well so it solves two problems in one!). It kept my hands feeling silky smooth longer than any cream I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, she only had a small bottle and even though I am the baby of the family and could have probably gotten away with it, I tried not to hog it all. (Sad Puppy Face doesn’t really work anymore.) I am going to have her send me some ASAP though. She also gave me a bottle of her Immune Booster because I have a tendency to get sick a lot. Since herbs are long-term solutions, I can’t say yet how it has affected me but I’m all for anything natural that will help me stay well! Her products are fantastic because they are free of chemicals, pesticides and all that other junk they put in so many products these days. Kathleen grows the herbs herself in her yard and then makes her teas and herbal remedies with them. Thank goodness there are people in the world like her because I don’t have that kind of patience, or knowledge. I’ll stick to writing about fashion trends and store sales. To check out all her goodies go to


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