Well, Color Me Skinny

The past few weeks, we’ve done a lot of talking about the holidays—the parties, the sales, the gifts, the parties. But what we haven’t talked about is January 1—that lovely time of year when reality sets in and you realize what all those parties have done to your waistline. Well, if you plan to make weight loss one of your new year’s resolutions, you’ve come to the right place. With a new motivational tool called WeightView, you can upload an image of your current fat self, and within 48 hours, the Photoshop pros at WeightView will send you a picture of a newer, slimmer you (see left). The idea is that if you can picture the results you’re trying to achieve, you will be infinitely more motivated. The best part is that it’s free. I’m doing it right now! On second thought, I’d better wait till all those Christmas parties are over. Sigh.


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