The Next Big Thing?

\"SIPATINIZ\"The Dallas Market Center has announced the finalists for their “Next Big Thing” contest. They received over 100 entries and have narrowed it down to three, one of which is from Rowlett, TX. Congrats to Renee Williams, founder of SIPATINIZ, a spill-free martini glass (pictured at left). Other finalists include Good For You Girls, a natural skincare line for teenagers and Vintage Hem (my personal fave), slips that add a little something extra to the bottom of skirts and dresses. The three finalists will receive a free booth and travel to the upcoming Dallas FINDS Temp Show January 16–19, 2009. During the show the finalists will be judged based on their product, trade space presentation, and production plan. The winner will be announced on Saturday, January 17, 2009 and will win a prize package worth more than $10,000. Talkers, who do you think should win?


  • Spill-free martini glass. Obviously.

  • Katie

    Vintage hem is amazing. Just ordered myself one of their new holiday slips – makes it so easy to change up a simple dress!

  • Neidra Conliffe

    I absolutely love the SIPATINIZ. I can envision a decrease in my dry cleaning bill already! Cheers to Renee Williams for this truly innovative product.

  • What a way to save your ‘furniture and your friendship’; accidents do happen, and containing the drink is a major issue in many accidents. To stock up on a case of these glasses for those social occasions is a good idea. Thanks Renee for this super productive.

  • Andrea

    I love the SIPATINIZ!! The idea is practical and perfect for diva’s!

  • N.H.

    Great idea! Definitely keeps you from losing “cool points” at a party!