ShopTalk Crush of the Week: Robert Pattinson

Because I’m woefully behind on all things Twilight-related (never read the books, didn’t see the movie), I just recently learned that tween darling and Twilight star Robert Pattinson is also a musician. Intrigued by this news, I listened to some of his songs, and after doing so, it was an easy choice to name him ShopTalk Crush of the Week. Because while I may not get my nerd on over vampires and werewolves and whatever else Twilight has to offer, I will totally geek out over a boy and his guitar—especially if that boy has a soulful, deeper-than-it-should-be voice like Robert Pattinson’s. The actor also writes his own tunes (his “Never Think” is on the Twilight soundtrack) and does at least one cover of a Van Morrison song (“I’ll Be Your Lover, Too”), which are two foolproof ways to get the girls swooning. Besides being dreamy and talented, looks like Rob is pretty smart, too. (Photo credit: Simon Hayter)


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